About Mentoring Love

Above all else, Mentoring Love helps couples create a sacred space to explore what it means to pay attention to themselves, their relationships, and their lives.  Couples learn the principles and skills of intimate partnership that help them connect to one another in safe, wise and compassionate ways.  Most of the time we live in forgetfulness.  We forget the original vision that brought us together.  We become distracted from the deeper purpose of our lives and we are no longer genuinely present to one another or to our love.  Mentoring Love begins with a clear theory as well as practical skills. It paints a picture of the human journey that can be rewarding and enjoyable when one has the right navigational tools. Mentoring Love sees the inevitable crises of relationship as a wake-up call that deepens one’s understanding of life, taps into life-changing wisdom and strengthens couples with empowering knowledge and tools to co-create the relationships they have always wanted and to live from deeper and expanded sense of selves.