From workshop participant:

“Something wonderful I notice is that when doing the dialogue, either as sender or receiver, I feel a real buzzing in my throat and heart chakras. (I am a Reiki teacher and practitioner, so I often experience things in terms of energy) I believe it is the energetic response to TRUE communication, and it makes so much sense to me! It’s so exciting to me! The effect is that I feel quite emotional, in a good way. I feel very in touch with how I am feeling from moment to moment and I feel more and more curious about how others are feeling and what their reality is. I feel a deep tenderness towards other beings, and I feel that these techniques help to open me to connection with them. In the end, I feel that there are layers of behaviors and thoughts and emotion that were developed as protection– ways I could shield myself from perceived hurt by not connecting in a deep way with my fellows– that the method successfully melts away, leaving a genuine openness and distinct LACK of fear in its place…I wanted you to know how it has been working for me, and to share my deep gratitude for the way you facilitated all of this.”