Children’s Book: I Love You, Sky

The children’s book, “I Love You, Sky” is written by Nedra Fetterman, PhD for children of all ages and illustrated by the incomparable Jack Wiens! Through an injury, 12 year old Maddie, discovers and remembers the world as it is: alive, aware, communicative, filled with soul and very, very intelligent!! Healing is possible when the wisdom of love, breath, forgiveness, dreaming and nature combine with today’s medicine. Maddie begins to recognize that she is a part of a vast, mysterious and very alive universe!!!

In any injury, seek medical attention yet remember that your body, in cooperation with your mind and spirt is blessed with self-healing capacities and the world around you is there to assist!  A 16th century French physician is known to have said, “I administered the treatment, but nature provided the cure.” The body, mind and spirit, combined with the right treatment, can cooperate in profound and miraculous ways.