Great news!

There is an upcoming Getting the Love You Want Workshop in July 2022.

Our next workshop is just around the corner and promises to be meaningful, rich and rewarding. We are delighted that a wonderful group of participants and workshop assistants (coaches) are already beginning to register for this online opportunity! You won’t want to miss out on this life-changing weekend workshop! 


What is love? Is it possible to define? Or to measure? Is it a feeling? A state of mind? Or something more? The Getting the Love You Want Workshop will clarify your thinking about the mystery we call love. From understanding the stages of a love relationship, to what brain science has to say about love, to how to repair love when it has begun to unravel, this workshop is filled with time-tested wisdom and practical skills so that love becomes an art to master and a way of being in the world that can be cultivated, nurtured and sustained.
If “all we need is love”, it is not the sentimental, illusory love that we need, but something real, sturdy, compassionate, kind and wholehearted. A workshop is more like a seminar or a learning laboratory than group therapy. You will learn the principles and practices of conscious relationship through guided imagery, movie clips and stories, mini-lectures and demonstration and practice of key skills. 

One participant described the workshop this way: "I had to write to tell you I think you are AMAZING and to thank you for such a wonderful experience this past weekend. I feel peace-filled and content. The powerful tools we learned will help us to be the couple we once were and the couple we know we can be. I shared with the group on the first day that I hoped to have a more healthy and respectful relationship and that is what I got. When we understand our partner’s background as well as ourselves, and follow the steps in dialogue, the results seemed immediate. My intention is to continue this process, so I started reading Harville’s book this week. I remember you saying we can create a space for the other person…I didn’t quite understand what that meant or how that would feel, but over the past couple days, I felt that space. I feel lighter and more open to listen to others and feel more in tune and present when my husband speaks. It seems like the negative energy that I held on to, (hurt feelings, resentment, etc) has been lifted. Instead of a charged conversation, we are having more loving and positive ones. Your loving and positive example was noticed throughout the entire weekend and has inspired us to be the same!"

Join us to learn about and gain mastery over the essential aspects of love….a love that is grounded in safety, compassion, pleasure and joy….a love that can last a lifetime! For more information or to register contact Nedra at 610.246.4344 or [email protected].