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Welcome to Mentoring Love in 2013

Intimate relationships are at the core of our emotional life. We are born in relationship, nurtured by relationship, inevitably disappointed or hurt in relationship and we can be healed in relationship. There is no other context like a safe, intimate and loving relationship to provide us with a sense of belonging and to inspire our growth and aid in our healing.

At Mentoring Love our focus is on helping partners deepen their sense of intimate connection to one another as well as each to their own deepest self. Our goal is to facilitate and enrich the energy, dialogue and sense of essential connection between two people. We define a safe, loving connection as the energetic bond that is created when both partners feel seen, heard, understood, felt and valued…when the energy flows back and forth (sending and receiving) freely, without blame or judgment.

Through therapy and coaching sessions with individuals and/or couples, workshops and trainings, we are committed to helping couples and individuals learn what it means to have a clear intention, the right tools and a safe enough environment so that growth, healing and safe, loving connection are possible.

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